Have You Ever Wanted To Create Sketchnotes?

I'll Teach You How in 5 Quick Lessons

The Sketchnote Starter Lessons

Quick Tips to Help You Start Fast

When I show people my sketchnotes, they often say,

“I wish I could draw like that”

and I reply,

“You can!

They normally don’t believe me, and you may not when you see sketchnotes.

A lot of people get worked up about drawing, but everything I'm going to show you is 100% doable. You've been doing it all your life without noticing.

In 5 short lessons, I'll send you some lessons and tricks I've found useful in becoming a better sketch artist. Here is what you're going to get.

What you'll learn

  1. Using Simple Shapes
  2. Keep It Damn Simple
  3. Thinking Visually
  4. The Tools I Use to Create
  5. Practice Prompts

If you've ever looked at sketchnotes and wanted to use them to capture ideas better, this is the place to start. At the end of the lessons you'll be ready to put pen to paper and begin creating.

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